New Zealand is a respected producer and exporter of onions, with the majority of the country's production concentrated in the northern regions. The two types of onions, red and brown have distinct flavour profiles and are widely used in various cuisines, both locally and internationally. 

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Brown onions

The brown or yellow onion (as it is sometimes known) is the most common onion variety grown in New Zealand. The papery skins on these onions are golden to brown in colour and the flesh is white.  Brown onions have a strong flavour so are usually cooked rather than eaten raw.  They’re used in all manner of savoury dishes such as soups and stews, stir-fries and pies. The New Zealand grown brown onion has a low water content so they store well in a cool, well-ventilated, dark place.
Varieties include: Pukekohe Long Keeper; Early Long Keeper; Kiwi Gold; Rhinestone. 

Red onions

Red onions have red or burgundy coloured papery skins and red tinged flesh. They are most often used raw, in salads and salsas, as their flavour profile is more mild than the New Zealand brown or yellow onion. Most of our red onion varieties are crossed with the Pukekohe Long Keeper to produce a globe shaped, pungent red onion with a great shelf life. Other varieties include early red onions that are a little flatter in shape and globe shaped varieties.